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Volume 13, Issue 9 2021: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Significance of Estrogen Receptor Alpha Progesterone Receptor and Her-2 Testing in South East Nigeria. A Good Template for Sub-Saharan Africa Breast Cancer Management
Martin N Joseph U, Omotowo B, Onyekachi N, Sunday N, Vincent EC, Onyekachi A, Victor N, Okhen NC, Ogochukwu N, Anthony E, Vincent O, Isioma O, Isaiah N
Page No: 01-02

Evaluation of Organoleptic and Phytochemical Properties of Bread Fortified With Taraxacum Officinale Leaf Powdery
Kwesi akonu adom mensah forson
Page No: 01-09

Co-Processed Excipients: A New Trend of Excipient Technology
Sravya K, S Venkateswara Rao, K Padmalatha
Page No: 01-10

Topical Nanoemulgel: A Novel Approach for Wound Healing Efficacy
S. Venkateswara Rao, D Bhagya Sri Vani, K. Padmalatha
Page No: 01-09

Invitro Tests for Predicting Drug-Drug Interaction
S Venkateswara Rao, Md Reshma Sulthana, K Padmalatha
Page No: 01-04

A Brief Note on Pharmaceutical Formulation
Thabit M, Al-Rabeei N
Page No: 01-02

Drug Discovery and Development
Jignasu Mehta
Page No: 01-02

Quantum Chemical Prediction of Redox Potential Apply to Phenolic Derivatives
Chabi Doco R, Kpota Houngue MTA, Koudjina S, Kpotin GA, Atohoun YGS
Page No: 01-17

The QbD Influence on the Pharmaceutical Drug Development
Vaghela N, Mehta B
Page No: 01-07