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Volume 11, Issue 4 2019: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Application of Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering: A Review
Alma Tamunonengiofori Banigo, Samuel Chidi Iwuji and Nnamdi Chibuike Iheaturu
Page No: 1-16

Extraction of Furfural (C5H4O2) from Waste Bagasse of Agricultural Source
Lakkimsetty Nageswara Rao and Lamees Al-Mukhaini
Page No: 17-28

Comparative Studies on Eco-Friendly Biogas Production from Natural Waste Materials
Lakkimsetty Nageswara Rao and Moza Salim Al Mushaarafi
Page No: 29-36

Girnar Mountain Forest Soil near Herbal Plant Area Screening Study of Atinomycetes for Antimicrobial Activity with Characterization of Active Isolates
Darshit Ram and Dr Devang Pandya
Page No: 37-47

Trace Level Quantification of Genotoxic Impurity 3-Chloro-N-(2-((2-Dimethylamino) Ethyl) (Methyl) Amino)-4-Methoxy-5-((4-(1-Methyl-1h-Indol-3-Yl) Pyrimidin-2-Yl) Amino) Phenyl) PropanamideĆ¢ in Osimertinib Mesylate by UPLC-QDa
Krishna Katta, Sivarao T, Mosesbabu J and Venugopala Rao D
Page No: 48-59

Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Constituents of Methanolic Extract of Bryophyllum pinnatum Stem Bark
Nnaoma IE, Nnorom CM, Ozurumba A and Joel O
Page No: 60-64

Study the Electronic, Magnetic and Elastic Properties of Ir2FeGe
Moued Mebrek
Page No: 65-72