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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 3

Zamfara lead poisoning saga: Comparison of lead contamination level of water samples and lead poisoning in Bagega Artisanal gold mining district, Nigeria


Bagega and its environs in Zamfara State (Nigeria) were part of the region where recent acute lead (Pb) poisoning outbreak occurred. In this study, different sources of water samples were obtained from Bagega, Topeki, Tungakudeku and Dareta. Pb concentration level in water samples was quantitatively determined using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS). Pb level in water samples was assessed using Contamination Factor (CF) and the result obtained was compared with the previous investigation conducted on blood Pb levels of the dwellers within the same study area. All the water samples analysed in the study area contained Pb above the 0.01ppm World Health Organization (WHO) drinking water limit for Pb. With the exception of Topeki well water sample (which had a considerable contamination for Pb), all other water samples analysed in the study area showed a very high contamination (C.F > 6) for Pb. There wasa strong link between the Pb level in water samples of the study area and the blood Pb levels of the inhabitant of the locality. Thus, the drinking water source might be one of the major routes of human Pb exposure among the dwellers of the study area.

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