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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 3

Yields of Bombyx mori L. races cocoons CSR19, Kolar gold and CSR2xCSR4 reared fed with V1 variety of mulberry leaves cultivated by spentwash irrigation


CSR19, Kolar gold and CSR2xCSR4 varieties of silkworm were reared using V1 variety of mulberry leaves cultivated by different proportions of spentwash irrigation. Influence of SW irrigated V1 Mulberry leaves on the yields of different varieties of cocoons of silkworms at their respective maturity was investigated. It was found that the yields of CSR19, Kolar gold and CSR2xCSR4 were high in case of Mulberry leaves irrigated with 33% SW than raw water and 50% spentwash irrigations [the percentage yield was maximum in the case of CSR2xCSR4 (28.0%) and minimum in Kolar Gold (24.37%) and moderate in CSR19 (27.14%)]. This concludes that the diluted (33%) spentwash irrigated mulberry leaves is most suitable for the rearing of the above varieties of cocoons, which elevates the economy of the farmers.