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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 3

Work influenced occupational stress and cardiovascular risk among teachers and office workers


School Teachers face tremendous stress during teaching and handling children while it is less in case of office workers. Inorder to assess the impact of working environment on the study group, a standardized questionnaire was designed, covering all the required data, served to the study group and a total of 600 respondents turned up. Among the 600 respondents, 300 were teachers and 300 were office workers including both sexes. The aim of the present study is to assess the blood pressure, pulse rate of teachers and office workers of Thoothukudi which is expected to be influenced by their working environment. There was a significant increase in the mean arterial blood pressure, systolic and diastolic pressure and of heart rate of the teachers and office workers were observed when compared with the control populations. When the parameters of teachers were compared with the office workers, there was a significant increase was observed in teachers. In the anthropometric parameters measured such as height and experience there was no significant change was observed among the teachers and the office workers and when both compared with control. But with regard to the age, weight and BMI of the teachers and office workers, there was a significant increase noted than the control and this was considered as one of the causative factor for the cardiovascular disorders. The study result concluded that the working environment affected the teachers to a greater extent resulted in increased blood pressure, pulse rate and pulse pressure while the working environment of office workers affected their health to a lesser extent than the teachers. But when both of them were compared with the control population, both the workers are affected by their environment.