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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 1

Wastewater characterization in urban areas: A case study of Aligarh city, U. P, India


The rapid growth of the population, the technological and industrial boom has brought enormous problems and degradation of the environment. Effective collection and treatment of urban wastewater is a critical problem in developing countries like India. In the present study Aligarh city in U.P India has been taken where the development has taken place in an unplanned manner, resulting in its haphazard development. This has led to industries being located in densely populated areas. The drains all over Aligarh city carry industrial and domestic wastewater together giving it a uniqueness of its own. This has led to the overburden of the drainage system of the city leading to its collapse. The study was undertaken to analyse the wastewater quality of various lagoons and drains of the city during the year 2010. The wastewater quality varied to a great extent among various locations as the wastewater is of mixed quality. The study points the importance for a treatment plant before discharging wastewater and can also serve as the baseline data for its design.

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