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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 6

Validated simple redox titration method for the estimation of gallotannins in marketed ayurvedic churna preparations


Due to rich medicinal values of tannin containing drugs, the utility and exploitation to adulterations becomes more. So there is an urge need to standardize the marketed preparations. Here we have selected for our study some important ayurvedic drugs like harde and bahera which is available in the form of churna .There are many sophisticated methods available for the standardization of tannins and polyphenolic compounds ,even though the conventional method plays more importance. Here we developed and validated simple redox titration method with little modification in house for the standardization of harde and bahera as first of its kind. This would be highly useful and beneficiary to any small scale companies who produce these two drugs as formulations either in traditional way or as an herbal dosage forms. This method will overcome as well to replace the hurdles existed in the advanced methods for any ayurvedic herbal companies. As per our knowledge this method is not yet reported. The results were shown for accuracy 98.48% ± 0.40 up to 100.84% ± 0.32, the quantification limit shown best if sampled above 2 gm (% C.V shows ≤ 1.5 ) incase Sample taken from actual procedure(from less ≤ 20 times the % C.V shows 2.81) and this method also shows good reproducibility and repeatability result. The randomized Sample-2 of both harde and bahera churna shows the results in specified range of 32.0 to 49.0% and 20 to 30 % w/w respectively content of tannins given in the references.