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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 4

Use of indian almond shell waste and groundnut shell waste for the removal of azure a dye from aqueous solution


This study investigate the use of activated carbons prepared from groundnut shell (GSC) and Indian almond shell (IASC) which are agricultural waste for the removal of Azure A (AA) dye from the aqueous solution by batch mode experiments. The activated carbons GSC and IASC adsorb Azure A by varying dye concentration, dosage, contact time and pH. The amount of dye removal increased with decrease in initial concentration of the dye increase in contact time, increase in dosage and increase in pH. The adsorption data were fitted with Freundlich, Langmuir Isotherm models and various first order Kinetic equations such as Natarajan Khalaf, Lagergren and Venkobachar – Bhattacharya equations. The intra particle study reveal that the adsorption process follow first order kinetics. The result shown that the low cost adsorbents groundnut shell carbon (GSC) and Indian Almond Shell Carbon (IASC) can be used as an effective adsorbents alternative to Commercial Activated Carbon (CAC) for the removal of Azure A dye from aqueous solution.

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