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Original Articles: 2010 Vol: 2 Issue: 6

Thiomers: Forms, Features and Formulations


Thiolated polymers or so called thiomers are hydrop hilic macromolecules exhibiting free thiol groups on the polymeric backbone. These are generat ed by the immobilization of sulphydryl- bearing compounds on the backbone of well establish ed mucoadhesive polymeric excipents, such as chitosan and poly (acrylates). This functionlisa tion leads to significantly improved properties compared with the corresponding unmodified polymers . It has been demonstrated in various studies, that thiomers exhibit mucoadhesive, permea tion enhancing, controlled release as well as enzyme and efflux pump inhibitory properties. Thiom ers can be directly compressed to tablets or given as solutions. Furthermore thiomer based micro - and nanoparticles have already been developed. The forms, features and formulations of thiomers are summarized in this review.