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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Thermal and environmental performance of IGCC system with wood dust as feed


increasingenvironmental problem have raised interest in energy saving and renewable energy development.As the most potential renewable energy resource, biomass energy is not only rich and abundant, but also available and clean. Biomass gasification technology is good at the adaptability of raw material and quiet mature in China, which is applied for the power generation industry. This paper investigates the operation of IGCC plants with wood dust as feed. The investigated plant designs gas - steam combined cycle with biomass gasification technology, leading to different energy vectors(power, heat etc). Gasification of wood coupled with gas - steam combined cycle will pave the way towards zero emissions power plants. The energy conversions investigated in the paper were simulated using Aspen Plus in order to produce rigorous material and energy balances nessary for the proposed evaluation. As illustrative cases, the thermal and environment performance under different gasification parameter, were presented. The case studies investigated in the paper produce a up to the total energy efficiency of 75% and CO2 emissions of 0.68Kg/KW • h. Special emphasis were given to optimalization of gasification process, to select the parameter for gasification reactor, analysis the thermal performance of the energy conversion process and etc

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