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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 10

Therapeutic uses of plants by a folk medicinal practitioner in Narsingdi district, Bangladesh


Documentation of the medicinal practices of a folk medicinal practitioner (FMP) was carried out in Tul tuli village at Narsingdi district, Bangladesh. The FMP was obse rved to use a total of 31 plants distributed into 2 2 families in his medicinal practice. Whole plants, various parts of these plants or combination of different plant parts were used to treat ailments like fever, helminthiasis, physic al weakness, gastrointestinal disorders, respirator y tract disorders, malaria, blood purification, cuts and wounds, skin disorders, asthma, sexual diseases, hypertension, h eart disorders, diseases of eye, nose or throat, pain, i nsomnia, jaundice, piles, obesity, burning sensatio ns in hands or feet, leucorrhea, and diabetes. The plants used to treat malaria, obesity, hypertension, sexual diseas es and diabetes are of special interest for they can lead to new dr ug discoveries for treatment of these diseases.