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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 10

The study of rheological properties of the fatty ointment base for topical treatment of colds


In developing of ointment for topical treatment of colds the structural and mechanical properties of t he ointment bases contained isopropyl palmitate, beeswax and so lid fat in different concentrations have been studi ed. Amount of isopropyl palmitate 60% remained constant and the r atio of solid fat and bee wax was varied. In order to study thixotropic properties the curve of kinetics deform ation of ointments has been constructed. It has bee n set that when increasing solid fat content in ointment compositio n and respectively decreasing beeswax the structura l and mechanical properties of the base are reduced. The tested ointment bases possess thixotropic propertie s and plasticity and belong to the class of Bingham syste ms. Thus ointment with solid fat content of 8%, iso propyl myristate of 60% and beeswax of 32% is superior by its rheological characteristics to other formulatio ns.