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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 3

The feasibility study for polymer flooding in heavy oil recovery based on block X


Block X is located in No. 9 Production Plant in Daqing, which began to implement hot water flooding after 7 years of water flooding, but due to the low recovery degree and high energy-wasting, it limited the increase of the economic returns. In order to enhance oil recovery further and reduce the cost of extraction, it is urgent to adopt effective method to enhance recovery degree. By looking through the advantages of polymer flooding for heavy oil and comparing these with physical property in block X, it is feasible to implement polymer flooding in block X. Basing on liquidity experiments that different molecular weight was measured and resistance factor and residual resistance factor produced by polymer flooding with different concentrations when liquids flowed through the core, and displacing experiments that series of experiments including water flooding before polymer flooding, polymer flooding and water flooding after polymer flooding was simulated, It is further verified that it is feasible to implement polymer flooding in block X and reach an optimal project for implementing polymer flooding in block X, which included that the concentration, molecular weight and pore volume injected are respectively 2000 mg/L, 25 million Daltons and 0.4PV. This optimal project could improve 9.94% of the oil recovery for polymer flooding and water flooding after water flooding compared with water flooding alone.

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