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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

The extract optimization and identification study of bioactive total triterpenoids from the rare traditional Chinese medicine Qinling Polyporusumbellatus


Herein, we have provided a facile, simple and feasible extraction process of Qinling Polyporustriterpenoids, which can set solid research foundation and scientific basis for the further study of Qinling Polyporus,a rare traditional Chinese medicine located in Shaan’xiprovice. Our objective is to study the extraction and identification of Qinling Polyporustriterpenoids as well as the comprehensive utilization of traditional Chinese medicine Polyporusumbellatus found densely in clusters among Qinling Mountains. The content of polyporus total polyporustriterpenes was measured by UV spectrophotometry within vanillin - glacial acetic acid - perchloric acid solution as color developing agent; Various solvent systems were tested in the extraction of triterpenoid compounds to select the best solvent system, such as Different proportions of alcohols, esters and alcohol esters mixtures. The optimum extraction condition was evaluated both by single factor test and orthogonal test, while the structure of the triterpenoids was identified based on the physicochemical constants and spectral data evidences. The optimum conditions for this extraction were identified as adding six times amount of 95% alcohol and refluxing for three times, 2h each time.

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