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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 10

The effects of titanium dioxide nanoparticle on blood proteins in mice


Titanium dioxide is a metal oxide which is widely u sed in everyday life. This material is a white powd er with three crystalline phases of anatase, rutile and brookite. The powder is used as white pigment in industry. T wo important properties of the material that make it very useful in life are photocatalytic and super hydrophilicit y properties. These are used in water and sewage filtration, elim ination of air and buildings pollutions, accelerati on of photochemical reactions such as hydrogen production , manufacturing anti fog surfaces and layers and se lf-cleaning glasses. Forty mature mice from Wistar race were se lected and divided in four groups. Control group, p lacebo received only standard food and water whereas exper imental groups received 10 and 100 ppm of titanium dioxide in water also. After 14 days, blood samples were taken and blood proteins were measured. Results showed t hat albumin, alpha 1, alpha 2 and beta and gamma were i ncreased in all groups. Therefore, this nanoparticl e can increase blood proteins in the long run and affect overall health by inducing physiological changes.