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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 3

The effects of exercise on the olds?¢???? health care and rehabilitation


In order to investigate the effect of exercise on the elderly care and rehabilitation effect,270 patients were randomly selected and divided into control group, parallel group and experimental group. There are 90 cases in each group. The experimental group patients make regular exercise program timing exercise according to the nursing staff, parallel group patients in accordance with their wishes freely exercise and the patients in the control group did not exercise. After 6 months, we tested three groups of patients with heart rate, body weight, blood glucose, blood lipid, blood cholesterol, blood pressure and heart function index, and ratio measurement results before exercise, conducted a comparative analysis. Results are as follow: heart rate of the elderly patients of experimental group after 6 months of exercise decreased moderately, body weight, heart function, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood lipid index, blood cholesterol were decreased significantly(P<0.05); the index of patients of parallel groups changed slightly. As the patients’ bodies are preference overall, there is no significant difference (P>0.05); the index of control group changes showed no significant difference (P>0.05). The conclusion is, exercise, especially for making a plan of exercise could enhance the effect of the olds’ health care and rehabilitation significantly. Therefore, it can be strongly advocated that the old should insist on exercising properly.

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