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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 6

The effects of Benson & Jacobson combined relaxation techniques on the elderlyâ??s depression & life quality


This research is done with the goal of effects of Benson &Jacobson combined relaxation techniques on the elderly’s depression & life quality. Methods: this research is a semi-experienced with three groups & pre-test & post-test planning. Method of surveying: 30 elders who care in nursing house & they were selected by sampling method. Their depression & life quality before & after relaxation were measured by Beck &Lippard Questionnaire. The relaxations exercises did for 6 weeks & each week 3 sessions -44 minutes. Finally, depression & life quality of these three groups are measured before & after relaxation intervention. For analyzing the data was used Student’s t-tests. Findings: the data analysis among score means of depression & life quality showed significant difference before & after intervention among three experienced groups. Also based on these data, there is no significant difference between Benson &Jacobson relaxation groups & combined Benson &Jacobson relaxation group has better results. Conclusion: regarding to the results, combined Benson &Jacobson relaxation has proper effects on the elderly’s depression & life quality & can be used in improvement the depression & life quality in Elderly Care Centers.

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