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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 3

The effect of Rho/ROCK signal pathway on the migration of mesenchymal stem cells induced by IL-1?Ž?²


Mesenchymal stem cells can not only differentiate into multiple cells, but also targetly migrate to the sites of injury, chronic inflammation, and tumor, repairing these parts in a certain mechanism. Having a comprehensive knowledge of migration mechanism of mesenchymal stem cells and improving the “homing” index are helpful for autologous repair and cell therapy. It is reported that inflammatory cytokines IL-1β can induce the migration of mesenchymal stem cells, but the details of migration mechanism remains unclear. In this study, migration models of MSCs was established by treatment with 50ng/mL IL-1β. After 72 hours, wound heal assay and transwell assay showed that IL-1β could induce the migration of mesenchymal stem cells. Then, migration markers MYL9 and CYR61 were tested by RT-PCR and Western Blot. The results showed that the expression of both MYL9 and CYR61 were increased. Rho signal pathway is widely involved in cell migration. To determine whether Rho signaling pathway participated in the migration of mesenchymal stem cells induce by IL-1β, mesenchymal stem cells were pretreated with 10μmol/L the inhibitor of Rho signaling pathway-Y27632 for 0.5 hour before treatment with IL-1β. Wound heal assay and transwell assay both showed that Y27632 could reduced the migration of mesenchymal stem cells caused by IL-1β. RT-PCR and Western Blot showed that Y27632 down regulated the expression of MYL9 and CYR61 in both mRNA levels and protein levels.

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