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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 7

The comparison of emotion regulation strategies and social adjustment of students with physical-motor disabilities and normal students


Disabilities deprives the person from participation in the overall process of personal and social life, of its independent activities and Cause balance due to damage, disrupt normal development and coordination of body On this basis The aim of this study was the Comparison of emotion regulation strategies and social adjustment in physical - motor disabilities and normal student. The present study Is causal- comparative and the population of study Included all of physical-motor Disabilities student and normal student and The sample of study included 217 students(84 physical-motor disabilities student and 133 normal student) that wereSelected by The cluster sampling method. In order to collect the data, Used Gross and john emotion regulation questionnaire and scale adjustment Sinha and Singh. The results showed that physical-motor disabilities students significant differences in measures of emotion regulation (repression and re-evaluation) than students with normal (p> 0/05), as well as physical-motor disabilities in two subscales of social and emotional adjustment than normal students showed significant differences, but Was not observed Significant differences Between two groups of students(p> 0/05). According to the results, we can say that There are significant differences between the physical-motor disabilities students and normal student in emotion regulation strategies and social adjustment.