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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 8

Synthesis of some new derivatives of 2-methyl-4H-4-chromenone


A novel and simple method for the synthesis of functionalized 2-methyl-4H-4-chromenone is Reported . The 2- methyl-4H-4-chromenone were prepared from 2-acetyl phenol. 2-acetyl phenol could condense with ethyl acetate under sodium catalyzation, so 2-acetylacetyl phenol could be prepared though their sodium salt. Then substituted 2- methyl chromones were formed by 2-acetylacetyl phenol under catalytic amounts of concentrated hydrochloric acid and HOAc . chromones provides with a variety of substituents on the aromatic ring , and the described characterized 4H-4-chromenone drivatines by short reaction times, high yields (68 to 92%). The structure of the isolated compounds has been determined by means of IR , 1HNMR and Mass Spectroscopy.