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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 1

Synthesis and Characterization of Cobalt (II), Nickel (II), and Copper (II) Complexes of Some 2'- Hydroxychalcones


A series of metal complexes of Co (II), Ni (II) and Cu (II) have been synthesized with newly synthesized biologically active ligands. These ligands were prepared by the condensation of substituted 2'- Hydroxyacetophenones and 3, 5 dibromosalicylaldehyde. The structures of the complexes have been proposed by the analytical data, conductivity measurement, magnetic moment, IR, electronic spectral data and thermal studies. Analytical data confirmed 1:2 stoichiometry and the electronic spectral data suggest that all Co (II), Ni (II) complexes have octahedral geometry whereas Cu (II) complexes have square planar geometry. Presence of coordinated water molecules in Co (II) and Ni (II) complexes is confirmed by TGA studies. The conductivity data show that all these complexes are non electrolytes.