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Original Articles: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 7

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 4-Methyl-6-Nitro-2-Oxo-2H-Chromen-7-yl 2-(4-(4-Sustitutedphenyl)Thiazol-2-ylamino)Acetates


Coumarin segment shows remarkable broad spectrum of different biological activities with the thiazole derivative. In view that we have synthesized newer coumarin based thiazole and screened for their biological studies. 4-Phenyl-thiazol-2-ylamine (2a-j) condensed with 4-Methyl-6-nitro-2-oxo-2H-chromen-7-yl chloroacetate (VI) to afford 4-Methyl-6-nitro-2-oxo-2H-chromen-7-yl 2-(4-(4-sustitutedphenyl)thiazol-2-ylamino)acetates (3a-j). The newly synthesized compounds were characterized by IR, NMR and mass spectral studies and were screened for their antimicrobial, antitubercular and antioxidant activities. Compound 3a, 3e and 3g showed moderate antibacterial activity (100 μg/ml) against S. aureus and compound 3d showed good antibacterial activity (62.5 μg/mL) while compound 3a, 3c, 3g and 3j showed moderate activity (100 μg/mL) against S. pyogenus compared to chloramphenicol and ciprofloxacin. Compound 3a (100 μg/mL) exhibited moderate activity against E. coli and Compound 3b and 3i (100 μg/mL) exhibited moderate activity against P. aeruginosa compared to chloramphenicol and ciprofloxacin. Compounds 3g and 3j showed excellent activity (125 μg/ml) against C. albicans and compound 3g and 3j showed moderate activity against A. niger as compared to standard drug griseofulvin. While other compounds are less active against A. niger and A. clavatus compared to the standard drugs. The newly compound 3c (50.00 μg/mL), 3b (50.11 μg/mL), 3d (50.15 μg/mL), 3a (50.23 μg/mL) displayed higher potency amongst all synthesized compounds compared to ascorbic acid. The compound 3d (62.5 μg/mL) exhibited higher potency as antituberculosis amongst all newly synthesized compounds compared to the activity of rifampicin and isoniazid.

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