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Reviews: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 6

Swallowable camera capsule: New emerging trend in diagnosis and treatment


The Diagnosis of GI tract is a difficult task to detect a number of diseases specially in case of small intestine. Medical technology develops a major breakthrough in the area of diagnosis. The Capsule endoscopy creates a dramatic change in the diagnosis of the GI tract. Capsule endoscopy is approved by FDA Department. The capsule Used in Capsule endoscopy usually contains camera, A light bulb, battery and radio transmitter. The capsule moves in the body with the peristaltic movement. The procedure is simplest and not required special training. Capsule endoscopy becomes superior and most sensitive in diagnosing of lesions, crohn disease, Ulcerative colitis, Ulcers, Abdominal pain, Lymphoma, Carcinoid tumor etc. The swallowable camera capsule provides at least two images per second. Camera capsule are ingested orally and after 36 to 72 hours it can be excreted. After excretion the battery of the swallowable camera capsule is charged and ready for reuse. Capsule endoscopy is free from painful procedure and also provide more convenient data rather than endoscopy with more accuracy.The following article describes Recent approaches of the Swallowable camera capsule, Functioning and procedure with its application.