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Reviews: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 3

Survey on common bio fibers and polymers in recyclable textiles


In recent decade sustainability is a leading characteristic of textile fashion products. Textile fashion companies are focusing more on sustainable and recyclable products these days, so that they can meet the environmental and social aspects. For getting competitive advantage in fashion business the companies have to take care of social, political and economic issues and they must be aware of current trends of the market. Sustainable fibres provide solution for the companies facing issues regarding environmental problems. These fibres are also favorable to meet the market demands of quality products these days. Increasing awareness of textile recycling and its benefits to environment and economic issues are so important subjects for our life. Today, many countries in the world are already using the best technologies under all perspectives from raw material to waste to generating new products. There are different materials, which are used in the processing and making different kind of clothes and garments. This paper focuses on textile recycling value and facts and common recyclable bio fibers and polymers.

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