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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Study on the ecological characteristics of Drepanostachyumludianense in Guizhou Karst area


There is a series of adaptive feature of D. luodianense in population level. It has high shoot-emergence number, high mortality and low bamboo grown-up rate. The shortage of nutrition is the main reason for the high mortality. In the distribution of D. luodianense, the age structure of the population is growing, but it tends to be stable. There is a great relationship between the distribution pattern and the sampling scale. With the increase of research scale, the clonal distribution pattern changes from random to cluster-based type, and the clonal ramets distribution pattern is an enhanced cluster-based type. The population regulation of D. luodianense belongs to density dependence type, which is affected by clonal density and clonal ramets density. The environment capacity of D. luodianense is about 100/m2.

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