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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 5

Study on the anticonvulsant activity of Pentazocine in albino rats


Pentazocine, which is known to act as an agonist at kappa opioid receptors and a weak antagonist or a partial agonist at mu receptors has shown significant anticonvulsant activity in MES test and abolition of this anticonvulsant activity by high dose but not by low dose of Naloxone. The present study was designed to compare the anticonvulsant effect of Pentazocine with standard Sodium Valproate in albino rats. An attempt was also made to determine the possible opioid receptor mechanism involved. 30 albino rats of either sex weighing 150-200 gms were selected and randomly divided into 5 equal groups. Maximal Electroshock (MES) seizures were induced in albino rats via trans auricular electrodes (120mA, 0.2 seconds). Each rat was pretreated at 30 minute before MES test with the drugs intraperitoneally. The different groups were group 1 receiving Propylene glycol (0.5ml/kg), Group 2 receiving Sodium Valproate (300mg/kg), group 3 receiving Pentazocine (30mg/kg), group 4 receiving Pentazocine (30mg/kg) and Naloxone (0.1mg/kg), group 5 receiving Pentazocine (30mg/kg) and Naloxone (1mg/kg). Data was statistically analysed by Mann Whitney test and ANOVA. Intraperitoneal administration of Pentazocine resulted in reduction of different phases of convulsions during the MES method. The anticonvulsant effect of Pentazocine was antagonized by the high dose Naloxone (1mg/kg) but not by low dose (0.1mg/kg) of intraperitoneal Naloxone. The results suggest that Pentazocine has anticonvulsant activity which is mediated by kappa receptors. Naloxone in high dose is known to block kappa receptors, thereby blocking the anticonvulsant effect of pentazocine.