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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Study on genesis and treatment of the huaihe flood


The flood governance of Huaihe River has a long history. Especially after the establishment of New China, the state has invested huge funds in water conservancy projects, but the problem of Huaihe River flood has not been fundamentally solved. On the basis of previous studies, the reasons for the Huaihe River flood, among which the root causes of the Huaihe River floods are the poor access of the downstream to the sea and low flood discharge capacity, analyzes the shortages of the existing water conservancy projects on the flood governance of Huaihe River and applies the "draining" concept in the flood governance of Huaihe River combined with the successful experience of Mississippi flood governance to put forward a targeted solution accordingly for the Huaihe River flood governance, the sea-entering channel of Huaihe River. As to site selection, the proper project about the selection of channel site is finalized based on the geographical, cultural and economic factors of Huaihe River. Meanwhile, the design of the channel section is to be conducted according to related regulations and standards.

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