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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Study on embedded optical sensor data collection and signal processing


This paper mainly completed the photoelectric signal data acquisition and design based on the embedded man-machine interactive interface, combined with the characteristics of all kinds of photoelectric sensors and photoelectric signal data, complete the design requirement of this system. Through the study of the photoelectric signal acquisition module, completed the design of optoelectronic devices, DC motor and CCD measurement circuit, the adjustment preamplifier circuit signal acquisition photoelectric signal. By using ARM9 and DSP data acquisition circuit, completed the CCD for data acquisition and analysis object after measurement. This approach not only give full play to the superiority of the DSP signal processing, but also for the follow-up to the main platform of ARM9 showed very good help design. We completed USB driver in the embedded system, Ethernet driver and touch screen driver, built the foundation for the realization of human-computer interaction platform to platform better. The main control platform WINCE operating system in the preparation of the man-machine interface, the experimental operation is simple and intuitive. Graphics interface to complete the experiment results, and the photoelectric characteristic curve is portrayed in the two-dimensional coordinate system, the user can see better and understand the experimental results

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