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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 6

Study on effect of reductant in Photosensitizer for Solar energy Conversion and Storage: Bismark brown ?¢????? Ascorbic acid system


Photogalvanic cell is a device in which light absorbed within a highly absorbing electrolyte energy for redox reaction. Electrical power is generated by subsequent changes transfer to the electrode by a photo reduced molecule diffusing from the bulk of the electrolyte. An efficient photogalvanic cell containing Ascorbic acid as an electron donar, a dye Bismark brown as photosensitizer has been investigated for solar energy and storage. The photopotential, photocurrent and power generated by the photogalvanic cell were 810.0 mV, 175.0μA and 70.0 μW respectively. The determined conversion efficiency of cell was determined as 0.6646% and fill factor was 0.3743. The current voltage characteristics of the cell have also been studied. The effect of diffusion parameters on the electrical output of the cell was investigated and a mechanism for the generation of photocurrent in this photogalvanic cell has also been proposed.