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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 6

Study of wound healing activity of topical Ocimum sanctum Linn in albino rats


Ocimum sanctum, when given orally in one of the studies showed wound healing property. Since majority of the agents tried for wound healing are topical, the present study was planned to know the effect of topical Ocimum sanctum for wound healing property. Excision and incision resutured wound models in albino rats were used to study complete epithelisation time, wound contraction, histopathological study and tensile strength of the wounds. The animals were divided into two groups of of topical test, control with 6 animals in each group. The time taken for 50% wound contraction and complete eipthelisation by topical Ocimum sanctum was significantly (p<0.001) less compared to topical control. Histopathological studies showed early inflammatory changes, dense collagen and neovascularisation in wounds treated with topical Ocimum sanctum, compared to control. Mean tensile strength of topical Ocimum sanctum treated wound was significantly great (p<0.001) compared to control. Topical Ocimum sanctum promoted better granulation tissue, early and complete epithelisation and better tensile strength compared to control.