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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 6

Study of sapropel extracts from Prybych natural deposits


In recent years the specialists pay attention to the application of various natural substances as remedies. The use of native medicines and separate components of different peloids has shown its effectiveness, accessibility, convenience and safety for many years. Sapropel is a renewable natural resource and an unique organic material. Its deposits are typical only for freshwater lakes. The processes of the accumulation are still going on now and most lakes are progressive. The chemical composition of sapropel of different locations differs significantly and is determined by the conditions of its formation as well as the variety of flora and fauna [7,10,11]. Considering that the formation of deposits is inextricably related to an underwater vegetation and a vital activity of microorganisms, sapropel consists of 80% substance of organic origin. [6] We got liquid extracts of sapropel, using purified water, 40% ethanol, chloroform, hexane, corn oil as the extractant. At this stage we have investigated the antibacterial activity of aqueous extract and the carbonic acid content of alcohol extract of sapropel from Prybych deposits in Volyn region. As a result of research of the content of carbonic acids in the alcohol extract of sapropel by the method chromato-mass spectrometry were identified 19 compounds including 11 fatty acids and 8 organic that play an important role in human life. It points at the prospect of the use of sapropel in medicine, veterinary science and cosmetology. Studies of the antibacterial activity of the aqueous extract of sapropel from Prybych deposits indicate that it exhibits the antibacterial activity, which is a determining factor in the development of medicinal, cosmetic and veterinary preparations.