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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 6

Study of carbon distribution at glycosylation sites in Arabidopsis thaliana


The post-translational addition of carbohydrate to proteins plays a significant role in overall biochemical complexity in humans (as well as all eukaryotes). The magnitude of this protein modification can be emphasized by the fact that approximately 50% of all proteins are known to be glycosylated and at least 1% of the human genome is represented by glycan biosynthesis genes. In the present work we have tried to analyze this post translational modification in a new perspective – atomic level. All the reviewed proteins of Arabidopsis thaliana were retrieved and subjected to atomic analysis using a dynamic programming code. The carbon atom percentage was calculated and analyzed. The range of carbon in N linked glycosylated protein was found to be 32.1% to 32.5 % were as the non glycosylated protein of the same species tends to attain 30.26% to 32.8% of carbon atom. The present analysis generalizes the trend of carbon atom in the fate of glycosylation of proteins.