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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 3

Studies on the adsorption of copper ion from aqueous solution by using Brassice oleracea activated carbon


The batch removal of copper(II) ions from aqueous solution under different experimental conditions using Brassice oleracea (Cabbage) has been studied. The copper(II) uptake was dependent on the initial pH and initial copper concentration, with the pH 4 being the optimum value. The equilibrium data were fitted using Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm model, with the maximum copper(II) uptake of 66.66% determined at pH 4. Further, Venkobachar and Bhattacharya and Lagergren kinetic stidies were also conducted to prove that the reaction followed first order kinetics. At various initial copper(II) concentrations 50 to 750 ppm sorption equilibrium was attained between 30 to 180 minutes. The copper(II) uptake by Brassice oleracea best described by first order and rate constant.q