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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 3

Studies on formulation and in vitro evaluation of Glimepiride floating tablets


Floating matrix tablets of glimepiride were developed to prolong the gastric residence time and thereby increased drug bioavailability. Diabetes condition influences the gastric emptying time which affect the absorption of the drug. Glimepiride was chosen as model drug because it has incomplete absorption due to less gastric residence time. The tablets were prepared by direct compression technique, using various grades of rate controlling polymers, Carbopol 934P either alone or in combination and other standard excipients. Tablets were evaluated for physical characteristics viz. hardness, % friability, floating capacity and content of dosage form. Tablets were evaluated for in vitro release characteristics for 8 h. In vitro drug release mechanism was evaluated by linear regression analysis. Floating matrix tablets based on the combination of polymers exhibited desired floating and prolonged drug release for 8h.

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