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Original Articles: 2010 Vol: 2 Issue: 4

Studies in Metal-ligand Stability Constants of Cu(II) Complexes and Measurement of Viscosity, Refractivity Index with some substituted Pyrazoles and Diketones at 0.1M Strength


The interaction of metal ions with pyrazoles and diketons gained much interest as these compounds have importance in antidiabetiec drugs. The physical properties such as viscosity and metal-bonding stability constant in 70% DMSO-Water and refractive index and polarazibility constant in different concentration with diketones at 300c. The result obtained of stability constants are in good agreement. Mesurement of refractive index has also been studied by Abbe’s refractometer. Molar refractivity and Polarazibility constants of ligands solution have been evaluated in the present investigation. It could be seen that Molar Refractivity and Polarazibity constants are found to be decreased with increase in density of solution. The stability constants of metal-ligand complex formation of Cu(II) with pyrazoles and diketones have been studied using Irving Rassoti’s Method and titration is done by using Calvin Bjerrum Method in an inert atmosphere at 0.1M ionic strength and temp.(300c± 0.10c) PH metrically.