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Reviews: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 7

Stem Cell Therapy, Solution to Unsolved Problems an Inclusive Review


At present there are few diseases existing which do not have a perfect cure through medicines or surgeries, so stem cell therapy fills this space with its vast potential to palliate the sufferings of those kinds of diseases or ailments. With its application research is happening in this field at a remarkable rate. Stem cells keep the tendency to self-renew and differentiate into various several cell types. Its commonly done on all those multicellular organisms who multiplies themselves by cell division. Especially in the field of organ transplantation and tissue culture stem cell therapy has shown a greater impact. In these recent times we are not modifying its chemistry rather we are finding biological solutions for the biological trouble. It’s a regenerative therapy which makes use of undifferentiated cells to mend certain issues. Stem cell established therapies includes investigative approach for several disorders, such as liver disease, autoimmune diseases ,neurodegenerative conditions Parkinson's disease diabetes, cardiovascular disease and for nerve regeneration, orofacial problems, temporomandibular joint reconstruction, alveolar bone regeneration) and many more. So here is the small review on the stem cells uses and benefits compared to the normal conventional medication treatments followed normally. Believed that stem cell therapy will make a huge impact on the face of human disease treatment and reduce the suffering caused.

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