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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 4

Significance of Black pepper in Ayurvedic antidiarrhoeal formulation


Antidiarrhoeal effect of aqueous Black pepper extract, Enterocin, an Ayurvedic formulation and Enterocin in combination with aqueous Black pepper extract were subjected to pharmacological evaluation. Antidiarrhoeal effect was evaluated in castor oil and magnesium sulphate induced diarrhoea while antimotility and antisecretory effect was evaluated in charcoal meal test and castor oil induced intestinal secretions in mice. Aqueous Black pepper extract (ABPE) produced a significant increase in the antidiarrhoeal, antimotility, and antisecretory effect of Enterocin. These results suggest that ABPE produces additive effect with Enterocin in treating diarrhoea by increasing its antimotility, and antisecretory activity indicating its importance in ayurvedic antidiarrhoeal formulation.