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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 5

Shot throwing technique biomechanical parameters sensitivity and optimization research


Shot throwing problem are always affected by many factors, so the paper analyzes shot force status, utilizes release height, release speed, release angle and throwing distance relations, it analyzes shot movement status from geometric perspective, and establishes the three and shot throwing distance functional relationship shot projectile mathematical model. To make model more reasonable, it further optimize the model, and state model hypothesis rationality. By further calculation on throwing model, it fixes release height and then solves shot throwing best release angle is   2k (0, / 4], k N , from which 1/ 2arccos( /( )) 2   gh gh  v and furthest throwing distance S v v 2gh g 2   .By researching on air resistance and throwing angle relations as well as shot sensitivity throwing problems’ sensitivity analysis, finally it gets the conclusion that ignore air resistance is very necessary.