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Reviews: 2010 Vol: 2 Issue: 6

Scope and Management of Medical Tourism in India


Healthcare, like food and shelter, is a basic need of Humanity. Given the potential India holds as a healthcare destination, the healthcare tourism se ctor can be a major source of foreign exchange earning for the country. India’s healthcar e sector has made impressive strides in recent years and the country is increasingly projec ted as a ‘healthcare hub’. Several features have positioned India as an ideal healthcare destin ation, like cost effective healthcare solutions, availability of skilled healthcare professionals, r eputation for successful treatment in advanced healthcare segments, increasing popularity of India ’s traditional wellness systems and rapid strides made in information technology. The sector is witnessing a ‘reverse brain-drain’ trend, with increasing number of specialists, who have bee n practicing abroad, showing keen interest to come back and practice in India. Such developmen ts further enhance the potential of India as a ‘healthcare hub’ of the world. People travel to I ndia for availing healthcare services for diverse reasons. While healthcare tourists from Uni ted States are primarily reported to be traveling to India, as the cost of getting treatmen t in home country is expensive, travelers from Europe are reported to be seeking healthcare servic es in India due to the complexity of availing the healthcare services in their home country. Some of the tourists from West Asia and Africa region travel to India due to affordability of trea tment and quality of services rendered. A section of tourists from different parts of the world trave l to India for traditional healthcare services, such as Ayurveda and Yoga.