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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

SAS factor analysis-based world cup football team comprehensive strength evaluation research


South Africa World Cup in 2010 has ended; participated thirty-two teams performances are not the same. In order to relative comprehensive and objective evaluate participated thirty-two teams’ comprehensive competitiveness and technical level, the paper establishes participated teams’ comprehensive competitiveness evaluation model. By statistical analysis of relative sessions winning or losing relations as well as technical indicator data, establish factor analysis model, and utilize SAS software programming to get team winning or losing four uppermost influence factors that are number of corner kick, ball handling rate, pass success rate and steal success rate. Make quantization processing with teams’ historical engagement records, combine with data indicated features and World Cup in 2010’s competition status, establish fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model, an find out seven luckier teams that are respectively Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, America, Serbia, Paraguay, and Switzerland. Finally rank the thirty –two teams comprehensive performances in the field, endow four main factors different weights, calculate and get thirty-two teams different values, and further get thirty-two teams comprehensive strength rank, from which top three are respectively Italy, Brazil and Argentina

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