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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 5

Rhizospheric effects of maize on adsorption and release of cadmium in soil: A batch sorption experiment


Cadmium (Cd) adsorption and desorption in soils and influencing factors have well documented, however, this process in the rhizospheric environment has rarely been reported. To better understand the rhizospheric effects on the sorption of Cd in soils, the batch sorption experiments were conducted by acquisition of rhizospheric soil samples via a rhizobox culture of maize plants. Rhizospheric effects resulted in the significant enhancement of DOC and pH and reduction of Eh in rhizospheric soil. Compared with in non-rhizospheric soil, the amount of adsorbed Cd in rhizospheric soil was enhanced greatly, while the desorption of Cd was reduced. It indicated that Cd was easier to be adsorbed and more difficult to be desorbed under the rhizospheric effects. Freundrich model was the optimal equation to fit the sorption process of Cd in rhizospheric soil and in non-rhizospheric soil. The fitting results showed that the maximum and capacity of Cd adsorption was elevated greatly in rhizospheric soil. No significant difference was observed between in rhizospheric soil and in non-rhizospheric soil at the same pH in solutions, although the increasing pH promoted greatly the amount of adsorbed Cd in soils. The present results implied that the change of pH may be the primary factor inducing the enhancement of Cd adsorption in rhizosphere.