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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 6

Rheological Properties of Zodo Gum Exudates as a Function of Concentration, Temperature, pH, Salt and Sucrose


The growing demand for hydrocolloids with the specific functional properties and the use in the food industry lead to the introduction of new sources of gums. The purpose of this study was to investigate the flow behavior of Zodo exudate gum as an easily accessible source of hydrocolloid compared with imported gums. Gum solutions with concentration of 1-3% Zodo gum, 0-30% sucrose, 100-500 mM sodium chloride and 5-100 mM calcium chloride at pH = 4, 7 and 10 were prepared and then the effect of shear rate (4.8–85 s-1) was assessed on the flow behavior of gum solutions at temperature of 5-85 °C using the power law model with Viscometer Brookfield LV DV-III. All samples except for the 1% Zodo gum solution showed non-Newtonian and shear thinning behavior at 85 °C. Increase in gum concentration and decreased temperature led to increased viscosity and consistency index (K), and decreased flow index (n). Both salts led to decreased viscosity, consistency index, and increased flow index. Furthermore, the highest viscosity and the lowest flow index were obtained at pH 7 (P≤0.05).