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Original Articles: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 5

Review on Benefits of Drug Information Services: A New Transpiring Practice to Health Care Professionals in Hospitals


Hospital is a multiple health care institution Provides Patient care with the support of specialized medical and Para medical team. The drug information center plays a key role in hospitals solving several drug problems and releases the news letters relates to information about the drugs, diseases, patient safety, cost effective and guides and safeguards the health care professionals and guides right practice towards patient community. It offers a learning based center for health care professionals to acquire skills and knowledge necessary for conducting research and delivery of exact evidence based drug information to the community. The drug information center routinely receives queries from hospital staff, patients and responds to queries regarding adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, pharmacokinetic parameters of drugs, information on new drugs available in the market. The drug information centers should establish in every teaching hospitals, community pharmacies and patient counseling centers with sufficient resources to meet the needs of the community. The drug information center in charge should be able to assess the nature of query help of several drug databases (Micromedex) send the information to their required time duration to meet the challenge of timely information. The Drug information center will provides the written and verbal information about drugs to the patients and health care practitioners in the hospital. The drug information center allows the access to clinical knowledge, libraries and research facilities and educational activities to patients and health care professionals with in the hospital Practice.