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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 3

Research and design on resource addressing model in ubiquitous network Minglang Jiang and Fang Cheng


Ubiquitous network has achieved the communication between people and people, objects and objects, or even people and objects, making the interconnection among all kinds of applications into reality. By using a variety of methods, not only people and physical objects but also various businesses and services can be identified. Through identifier parsing systems and addressing systems based on context translation, mapping and conversion, much more corresponding address and associated information of resources in ubiquitous network can be obtained. The systematic study and norm on the issues of resources addressing can be urgency since the ubiquitous network-related researches have been carried out in depth, especially on condition of the introduction of billions of communicating entities and services. Based on the demand analysis for resources in ubiquitous network, this paper puts forward two models for resource addressing, namely common hierarchical model and applied structure model. Expanding and combining with the basic model for Internet addressing, the two models can be brilliant solutions for resource addressing in ubiquitous network. Keywords: Resource

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