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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Repair and reinforcement method for reinforced concrete beam-column joints


It is becoming increasingly more common that the original structure of a building fails to meet new specifications in structural earthquake resistance and other behaviors due to construction deficiency. In terms of reinforcement and repair of deflection, deformation, and frame joints in the frame structure, however, no clear requirements are specified in China’s technical specifications for seismic strengthening of buildings. Given the deficiency in the existing techniques, a repair and reinforcement method, based on a high-rise building in Xi’an, is proposed for reinforced concrete beam-column joints. Sequential steps were taken as follows: First, a bowl-coupler bracket around the concrete frame columns under repair was set up, and then a jacking support was mounted on the bracket to restore the beams from deflection. Then, achain block was utilized to pull the deformed cap of a concrete frame column against the deformation to eliminate it. And third, the cavities at frame column-beam joints were filled with composite grout layer by layer to repair them. Finally, carbon fiber material was pasted on the concrete frame beams and columns to repair cracks on the surfaces until all defects of the frame beams and columns were completely repaired. With this method, the concrete strength at the beam-column joints reached C45; and the centerlines of the concrete columns were deflected from the original design axes for 1.5mm, meeting the specifications for design and construction standards. Therefore, the results that were achieved can be considered as reference for follow-up repair and reinforcement of existing reinforced concrete beam-column joints

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