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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 1

Removal of Tar-Chrome Red-B dye by Adsorption onto Natural Diatomite


In this study; the textile industry from using chromium dyes was removed from wastewater by low- cost diatomite in batch. In batch system, same particle size of diatomite (230-mesh size and surface area 49.0408 m2/g) and kept at pH5.10 and five different amounts of sorbent were used. The effect of the temperature on adsorption was evaluated with using three different temperatures. As result of the experiment, 81.072% of the chrom dyes was removed from the wastewater in conditions of using 230 mesh sieve, at 30 oC temperature for 8h in batch system but chrom dyes was removal for different min in batch system,61.992 %, 61.502 %, 63.926 %, 61.174 % and 61.895 % (15min, 30min, 60min, 180min and 300) respectively. Also, the equilibrium adsorption isotherms have been analyzed by Langmuir and Freundlich models.The adsorption values were fitted langmuir and Freundlich adsorption models. Langmuir adsorption capacity were found to be 25.04, 20.08 and 14.68mg/g at 25, 30 and 35 oC respectively. In addition, the filtrates were subjected to a comprehensive colorimetric appraisal using the CIE L* a *b* colour space system.

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