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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 6

Removal of nitrogen and phosphorusfrom municipal waste water using intermittent cycle movingbed biofilm reactor (ICMBBR)


In present study nitrogen and phosphorus removal from municipal wastewater using ICMBBR reactor, was investigated. ICMBBR reactor is an integration of intermittent cycle extended aeration system (ICEAS) and moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) which comprise benefits of both systems in term of their efficiency in nitrogen and phosphorus removal. A laboratory –scale Plexiglas reactor with volume of 4 Lit which was filled with kaldnes (a plastic media) as biofilm carrier with specific surface area of 400m3/m2 and 20-50% occupation of reactor volume was used in this study. The reactor was operated in an aerobic and anaerobic continues condition. Efficiency assessment of the reactor was obtained at HRT of 3-6 hr. The average removal efficiency of 68.1±0.12, 67.7±0.09, 67.5±0.12, 75.2±0.1, and 53.6±0.17 were achieved respectively for TN, TP, TKN, NH4-N, and N-org within 6 month experiment. the maximum removal efficiency was observed at aeration time of 4h, mixing time of 90min and kaldnes filling ratio of 50%. In such condition, removal efficiency of 91.8%, 88.95%, 92.8%, 93.3%, and 92% were achieved for TN, TP, TKN, NH4-N, and N-org respectively. Based on the results, this study confirms that ICMBBR can be considered as an efficient method for removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from municipal wastewater.