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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 10

Removal of nickel(II) using lotus stem powder as adsorbent


Removal of toxic metals from industrial wastewaters is essential from the stand point of environmental pollution control. Among all heavy toxic metals nickel, mercu ry, lead, chromium and cadmium are in limelight due to their major impact on environment. Heavy metals have a te ndency to accumulate and end up as permanent additi ons to the environment. It is evident that adsorption usin g lotus stem powder is an effective method for the removal of nickel(II) from industrial wastewaters. The usage o f biomaterial is simple and economically viable. By this method about 80% of Ni(II) removal is possible. From our s tudies it is evident that as adsorption time increa ses % removal of Ni(II) also increases. As the temperature increa ses the % removal of Ni(II) decreases. The activity of adsorbent is maximum and high % removal of Ni(II) was identified at pH of 9.4 because of chemical precipitation of Ni