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Original Articles: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 2

Recoverable and Reusable V2O5/SnO2 Catalyst for N-Boc Protection of Amines under Solvent-Free Conditions


A convenient N-Boc protection of functionalized amines is described by using heterogeneous V2O5/SnO2 as a recyclable catalyst under solvent-free conditions in shorter reaction time. The V2O5/SnO2 catalyst has been prepared from V2O5 using impregnation method followed by calcination at 650 °C for 4 hours. The catalyst was fully characterized by SEM, XRD, FT-IR and UV-DRS techniques. V2O5/SnO2 was found to be stable and efficient catalyst in Boc protection of amines under solvent-free conditions. The catalyst can be easily recovered and reused for ten reaction cycles for protection of amines without any significant loss of activity. The advantage of this protocol in straightforward synthesis of V2O5/SnO2 catalyst and its application of Boc protection of amines in the presence sensitive functional groups, easy workup and excellent yields.