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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 5

Quantitative study and analysis for English integrated teaching based onMatlab


Descriptive analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis for randomly selected items are carried out by means of Matlab software. In order to get further analysis of quantitative data of integrated course teaching in English, in terms of it, English teaching process is cognized and improved. Finally, for the main result in this paper, the constructive suggestions for teaching are put forwards. The integrated teaching is closely associated with the implementation of the new curriculum goal of "knowledge and skill, process and method, emotion attitude and values", what’s more, students are taught in terms of arousing students' autonomous learning enthusiasm, and students' learning process perspective, and they are guided torethink, evaluate the feedback learning process timely. The integrated teaching breaks the traditional model, establishes multi-directional communication mode, forms a three-dimensional network of information exchange, reflects the thought of students being the principal part of learning, and highlights the students' self-learning which promotes students’ learning first, and then learning well to help them know how to learn and how to explore. For this, teacher-centered idea is transformed into student-centered one. In the process of teaching students’ thinking process is fully demonstrated, which can mobilize completely students’ the enthusiasm and initiative for the course so as to create the conditions for students to learn, improve the quality of learning and student disciplinary literacy. Thus, either their personality or their all-round quality can gain development, so that students learn easily, teachers teach well, both of whom can benefit from teaching. Integration teaching reduces the implicit waste teaching class, greatly improving the teaching efficiency and class realization rate.